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The BKKLIT team is James Hatton, Pariyapa Amon-wanitsan and Chyarop Burapat.

James is a writer whose work has been published in various places including Popshot, Litro, Flash, Cha, and A Million WaysHe was shortlisted for the 2016 Firewords / Bloomsbury Short Story Competition and his flash fiction collection Click was longlisted for the Roast Books Competition in 2014. 

Pariyapa is one of the new generation of creative-thinkers at the Ministry of Culture. She is a great lover of Thai art and literature and is passionate about making it more widely known internationally.

Chyarop is the creative force behind Assajan, a collective of artists and cultural innovators whose purpose is to open up opportunities for the creative industries in Thailand. Assajan has helped design and develop projects with Facebook, Sydney Opera House, and Google, among others.



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